Fifth Circle Seclusion Lublin Voivodeship, Poland

Founded in early 2012, the group grew to include various projects which make different forms of heavy metal music.

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Track Name: Die Liebe Ist Tot - Slow Burn Eschaton
Venom corruption, fatal ordinance
Malediction, proclamation
Desecration, sophistic sordid ends
Come the woes of transformation…

Whence we gather in remembrance
Comes a solemn silent shadow
With a stare to burn the marrow
Of the sinners in repentance

Expelled and inhaled a quiet breath
Of all damnation running wild
Violent to and fro of life and death
And sans redemption, reconciled!

Windfall certainty is ever naught
What will come or what does hope withhold
The lot of hatred is goodwill fraught
And thus became the need to implore

Like a thousand flames lit up
Sear the flesh of every being
And see the wretched fever dream
Released and terribly unfold
Track Name: Die Liebe Ist Tot - The Spiteful Priest
Gentle strokes of artist brush
Paint shadows on the tainted work
Envenoming deceitful tongues set loose

A priest unto the wicked taps
The splendor of the fall of man
Pernicious and delicious task, in truth

Abstract and complicated are a tool
A cloak that keeps the madness within check
For those, the unaware, they are the fools
The frailty of their notions is intact

Machination of complexities
As incestuous deformations
And unorthodox extremities
Hinting the utmost decimation

A rapid flash and furious roar
Surface world is again humbled
Eyes are set again upon him
All earth and sanities tumbled

Men stunned to their very core
The blood froze within their veins
For now their senses given reign
And splattered like the meagre worm

Steps were heavy and maladroit
Distance, so mercurial, crushed
Harvest the cattle as tender meat
All particles are unto him

The bearer of stench unhallowed
Seeks to satiate the gaping mouth
The slaughter, abattoir, banquet
Served fresh in frost unnatural
Track Name: Die Liebe Ist Tot - The Brazen Foul
‘Twas nightfall that weary came
Tear apart sanity’s bowels
Its abode, abandoned shell
A husk, a flesh-bound tower

Inside a new host they are born
Gluttonous feast on insides
Ravenous, they clean the hides
Ignominious, malformed spawn

They breed among the fragile flesh
The brazen foul incubate
The slithering legion manifest
Superego, suffocate

Cacophony of the tainted whispers
Gilded counsel stained and blind
A liturgy of madness worship
Coup d’état of untouched mind

Psyche all so frail, so brittle
Curbed from constant to evanescent
As the waters, disturbed, ripple
The speech, it was born eloquent

All the while, the apparitions
These loathsome shades of inky black
They paralyze with utter fear
And show a ghastly deathmask back

‘Twas nightfall that weary came
And cloaked the larvae’s entrance
Hollowed out and filled to brim
Maggots push out of the skin