Die Liebe Ist Tot - The Spiteful Priest

from by Cowell / Die Liebe Ist Tot



Gentle strokes of artist brush
Paint shadows on the tainted work
Envenoming deceitful tongues set loose

A priest unto the wicked taps
The splendor of the fall of man
Pernicious and delicious task, in truth

Abstract and complicated are a tool
A cloak that keeps the madness within check
For those, the unaware, they are the fools
The frailty of their notions is intact

Machination of complexities
As incestuous deformations
And unorthodox extremities
Hinting the utmost decimation

A rapid flash and furious roar
Surface world is again humbled
Eyes are set again upon him
All earth and sanities tumbled

Men stunned to their very core
The blood froze within their veins
For now their senses given reign
And splattered like the meagre worm

Steps were heavy and maladroit
Distance, so mercurial, crushed
Harvest the cattle as tender meat
All particles are unto him

The bearer of stench unhallowed
Seeks to satiate the gaping mouth
The slaughter, abattoir, banquet
Served fresh in frost unnatural


from Ex Nihilo Nihil, released April 6, 2014
music by Nikolay; lyrics by Nochielo



all rights reserved


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